Added whitelisted servers (edit whitelist.txt & settings.txt)

Added Tasers to police inventory (knockdown effect with range < 20ft)

Added Paramedic job and uniform

Added drivable Ambulance near hospital

Added Hospital interior and items

Added Paramedic AI behaviors (will try to revive downed players)

Added Knocked Out effect if health <= 15% (need Paramedic)

Hurt and Downed players are shown on minimap to Paramedics

Security Guards now have shotguns

Added Defibrillator to revive knocked out players

Improved Explosion lighting effects

Stolen parked cars don’t insta-despawn when entering a building anymore

Cars now awesomely explode after catching fire

All new registered players get $1000 startup cash

Police no longer lose jobs for crimes (Need feedback on this)

Better Offline Mode startup reliability

Quicker name highlighting on Players

Easier to select action on moving entities

Reduced vehicle armor

No more flickering highlights in vehicles

Separate Vertical and Horizontal Sensitivity (allows invert mouse)

UI is now completely scalable with any resolution

Changed out blocky font for more readable text

Reduced voice chat distance/volumeNo more message beep

Can no longer enter vehicles while ragdolled

Fixed players ragdolling and stuck upright in vehicles

Better player join packet throttling

Fix for server disconnection/log spamming bug

Broken ATMs and server-side wanted levels fixed

No more randomly negative or bonus bank balances

Fixed server-side death handling and ‘Murder’ message spamming

Fixed AI pawn shop navigation

Respawned NPCs have their crimes cleared now

MG ammo is now illegal contraband

Some item models have filled holes and correct pivots now

The Battle Royale area model is hidden when radius = 0

Your car running over others is still Murder even if you jump out

Action Menu correctly disappears if not focused

Fixed hit detection against players in vehicles

Fixing money duping bug with AI trading

Removed default ‘admin’ from admin_list.txt

Improved suspension for heavier vehicles

Rockets now fly straight out of the bazooka

Explosions now do vehicle damage

Strafe animation better syncs with movement

Fixed collision sounds (Police car and Soccerball)

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