Updated Renderer to use DX11 by default (DX9 is still the fallback)

Fixed best weapon calculation for AI (will prefer guns)

Stopped connection message spamming on joining server

Fixed cloud rendering on some setups

Fixed and balanced spawn rates for the different jobs

Gangs Added (Red, Green, and Blue)

Get gang jobs by applying with the bosses (contract icons on map)

Added territories that can be taken over

Added AI defenders for territories

Better protection against a null AI state

Added new Punk character clothes

AI will prefer their job uniform over civilian clothes

mproved server physics handling (less flipped vehicles)

Fixed potential server infinite loop

Really fixed floating/underground briefcases and fires

Reduced fire damage and range

Police added to fire station

Fixed registration character model sometimes stuck onscreen

Fixed instantly fires and grenades causing errors on joining server

More reliable buffering data on player connection

Minor building and prop UV fixes Fixed Bazooka price (back up to $2000)

Reduced Drug prices so NPCs can afford them

Added job descriptions when getting new job

Fixed gun damaging shooter in some cases Fixed some office mesh errors

PS. You may need to make new logins.

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