Changelog Edit

Added Fires after car explosions

Added Firefighter job, uniform, station interior, extinguisher, and fire truck

No longer lose your job equipment on death

No more floating briefcases

AI Firefighters will attempt to extinguish Fires

AI will now jump to unstuck themselves

Admins can now arrest, teleport to, and remove player jobs

Moved drug dealer to the suburbs

Fixed some texture UVs

Updated to latest Unity Engine 5.6.1p2

Upgraded wearables (armor) is lost on death

Merchants cannot be incriminated and robbed by police for their items

Ragdolls (dead and knocked out players) are now synced across network

AI drivers will try to stop if players in the way

Reduced explosion damage and radius

Fixed vehicle quick despawning bugs

Fixed slow vehicle physics bugs

Fixed vehicle suspensions and friction

AI now take into account their weapon range

Fixed Action menu bugged out after placing drug seeds

Fixed Action menu stuck after death

Cleaned up damaged shop model and UV mapping

Fixed AI getting out of handcuffs after Hands Up state

Fixed Mesh Renderer references and errors on the server

Fixed AI trying to attack/arrest itself

Can now ban servers from the master

More reliable Server pings

Static fonts now used for performance/missing font fixes

Fixed stuck sprint animation in car

Minor building clipping bugs fixed

Game message show when out of date

Cleaned up Entity Action Menu code

Optimized SendToAll game packets

Fixed ragdolls re-animating and standing up when you’re not looking

Broke Protocol- The Firefighter Update (

Broke Protocol- The Firefighter Update (.64) - Patch Notes

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