List of Crimes Edit

Here is a list of current crimes.

  • Assault - Hurting someone with a car or fist.
  • Murder - Killing someone with a car, gun, or melee weapon.
  • Intimidation - Telling someone to put their hands up! (Excepting Cops)
  • Robbery - Stealing something from certain places such as the military base (excepting Specs Ops)
  • Theft - Stealing something from a person or shop.
  • Obstruction - Handcuffing or using the 'Hands Up' option on a police officer.
  • Armed Assault - Assaulting someone with any weapon.
  • Grand Larceny - Robbing the bank.
  • Intoxication - Use of drugs or alcohol. (Only if drug test is positive by a officer)
  • Grand Theft Auto - Lockpicking a locked vehicle.
  • Demolition - Blowing up either the bank vault door or the prison wall with a bomb
  • Illegal Contraband - This crime is only allowed on Online Mode, this happens when a player cop arrests and searches you.
  • Trespassing - Entering the military base introduced in patch 0.77 (excepting Specs Ops and Police), and entering the bank basement in patch 0.79a
  • No License - Driving a vehicle without having the proper license for it (example-driving a car without a drivers license,flying a helicopter without a Pilots license or driving a boat without a boating license).

Wanted Levels Edit

  • 1-star wanted level - acquired by Assault, Armed Assault, Intimidation, Robbery, Obstruction, Intoxication, Illegal Contraband, Intoxication and Driving without a License.
  • 2-star wanted level - Acquired by, Grand Theft Auto, Demolition, Murder.
  • 3-star wanted level - Acquired by Grand Larceny, Trespassing.

Notes Edit

  1. The wanted levels stack up with each crime commited.
  2. Each crime has its own cooldown and jail-time with increasing time for larger crimes and wanted level.
  3. Intoxication and Illegal contraband can only be detected by the police while Intoxication can only be detected by and online players as cops as of now since NPCs do not search the players inventory.
  4. NPCs will try to arrest you for 1 or 2 star wanted levels but will use their guns above 2-star wanted level.
  5. Killing a player or NPC by blowing up vehicles either intentionally or by accident will give the player "Murder" crime and a two-star wanted level.
  6. An online player cop can remove one's wanted level by simply issuing the criminal a fine and the sum of money required for fines gradually increases with crimes and wanted levels.
  7. Cops are unlikely to enter your apartment for 1 or 2-star wanted levels but won't hesitate to gun you down inside your apartment for 3-stars and more (although NPCs and player cops are unable to pass through curtains or mirrors).
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