Added 3 new vehicles: Stairway Truck, Luggage Tractor, and Army Truck

Added 6 new characters and clothing items

Added Combat uniforms, gear, and backpack

Added more drinks to Delivery Driver items

Added restricted military base area

Added Special Forces NPC security forces

All physical objects now have floating properties

Backpacks now double carrying capacity

Bank moved near center of the map

Basketball replacing football in the jailyard

Check before trying to enter a deactivated vehicle

Collecting an object now equips it

Collect money for longer basketball shots

Correctly hide thrown entities from hand

Entering base commits a new crime (Trespassing)

Fixed Battle Royale circle placement and counter messages

Fixed client crash on server join

Fixed coroutine cannot be started server spam

Fixed crash when loading from a dead player save

Fixed duplicate meshes on highway ramp

Fixed floating buoys

Fixed massive lag due to a little packet loss

Fixed medics not reviving players if they are handcuffed

Fixed missing Apache particle effects and rockets

Fixed player reset position forcing view upright during lag

Fixed Prison escape crime while in a vehicle

Fixed see through areas at airport

Fixed servers running out of resources with dead clients

Made capturing territories a bit easier

Moved APCs, Apaches, Bazookas, and Bombs to military base

Moved map legend to right side

Optimized lighting systems for improved night performance

Police and Special Forces issued gun licenses by default

Police cars can now follow into the airport

Reduced number of police in station

Reorganized airport layout

Rockets and grenades now do damage more reliably

Servers can have long server_info message again

Several mesh pivot fixes

Special forces will drive Army trucks

Thrown objects doing damage will assign a crime to its owner

Tweaked throwable physics (can now bounce)

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