Accurate Explosion locations on client

Added buyable Armored Cars at the hangar and airstrip

Added view constraints within vehicles

AI correctly track enemies within vehicles

Armed vehicles will shoot vehicle weapons instead of personal weapon

Bulletholes and splatters are now hidden/culled correctly

Corrected wheel physics force application point

Explosions have a push force

Explosions won’t hurt through walls anymore

Explosive power and range increased for grenades and rockets

First-person ragdoll camera improvements

Fixed animation corruption if loading game from Knocked Out state

Fixed empty furniture list after placing item in apartment

Fixed flickering texture on PowerMainSmall building

Fixed linux quit on server hang

Fixed waypoints near overpass

Flashlight lightsource now correctly at the lens

Grenades are now illegal contraband

Improved serverside object cleanup

Increased gun ranges to match view distance

Mesh fixes around overpass

Reduced log spam from disconnects

Reduced police spawn rate

Removed Fire Vehicle key

Ribbon particle effects added to projectiles

Taser Ammo and Meth can now be placed

Unity Engine Upgrade to 2017.3.0p2

Vehicles have firing sounds and muzzle flashes

Zoom reset on camera change

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