The Apartments Update (0.66) Edit

Added buyable apartments where items can be saved

Added many new interior models/items

Furniture buying system implemented inside apartments

SERVER ADMINS: Game ports changed to 5557 and 5558

International fonts now work correctly

Following this update, saves will work across versions

Better cheat detection / server reporting

Banning players comments their username in the file

Fixed server hit registration bug

More reliable server connections

Login names can now have special characters

Jail timer is now more accurate

Fixed bash script on Linux

AI now flee correctly after being searched

Fixed typos in item action menu

Vehicle damage is no longer a crime (to stop baiting)

Fixed particle effects (fire extinguisher)

More mesh and collider optimizations

Tweaked waterline position on some boats

Gangsters and criminals won’t leave vehicles to fight so much

Code cleanup and optimizations

Fixed driving AI

Better star rendering

Progress bar on server join

Fixed placing objects on ceilings

Player Saves filenames are hashed for OS compatibility

4-bit item indexes are hashed and can index millions of objects

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