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• 6/25/2017


I have got my Broke Protocol server but i don't know how to use commands if they are. If they are can you write them and write what button is opening console to commands.
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• 5/29/2018
Actually, at patch 0.79a, commands are not officialy improved yet.
BPE Essentials is a plugin created by the user UserR00T that you can install in your server for free and allows you to use commands as /ban, /kick (10 min ban), /heal, /feed, /search, /restrain, /free, /arrest, /jail, /tp, /tph, /god, /strip, /give, /money... Followed by a users nickname, and sometimes, an item id (/give) or an ammount (/jail seconds, /money ammount)

Here's the BPE Essentials home page:
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